Blast resistance rolling door

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The Blast resistance rolling door has passed TUV certification and can be used in relatively dangerous places.

  • Brand: Newhb
  • Product name: Blast resistance rolling door
  • Anti-shock force: 450kpa
  • Applicable place: Refuges, substations, control rooms, explosives warehouses, workshops, laboratories, boiler rooms, flammable warehouses, etc
  • Product Detail


    When an explosion occurs inside or outside the building, the Blast resistance  rolling door can effectively resist the shock wave generated by the explosion, protect the lives and property of personnel, and is not harmed by the explosion shock wave and effectively prevent the explosion hazard from continuing, and it has anti-theft, wind resistance and impact resistance. A kind of anti-explosive protective equipment.


    Driving device Electric + manual The control mode The three buttons
    Resistance to shock wave 450kpa Door rail material Blast resistance steel plate
    Curtain material Blast resistance  door piece The motor power 0.55KW(customized)
    Brand Newhb Size Custom



    Blast resistance  roller door


    1. In the event of an explosion, the incident pressure and reflection force of the explosion set in accordance with the advance notice. The Blast resistance rolling door can withstand the blasting pressure within this range, and achieve the necessary protection to prevent casualties and property losses.

    2. After an explosion occurs, the Blast resistance  rolling door can still be used normally without reaching the preset explosive power.

    3. When an explosion occurs, the explosive force reaches a preset value and can be deformed, but the door components can still be used to prevent people from being trapped or trapped.

    4. The necessary airtight isolation function prevents direct convection between the isolated space and the outside air, so as to reduce the pollution of the isolated and protected space from the outside.

    5. The Blast resistance door is a safety device with self-closing function and emergency escape function.


    Are you a manufacturer of Blast resistance rolling door?

    Our Newhb Rolling Door Co., Ltd. is the source manufacturer of rolling shutter doors. The company has more than 30 modern operating machines, including automatic door roll forming machines, laser cutting machines, bending forming machines, and shears. There are dozens of technical R&D teams, 31 utility model patents and invention patents. Welcome new and old customers to visit and guide us.

    Does Newhb Blast resistance rolling door have a qualification report?

    Yes, we are always cautious about rolling doors that involve the safety of people's lives and property. We have passed the relevant tests of the national public security department and TUV organization, and obtained the test report and qualification certificate issued by the national public security department and TUV.

    Is the Newhb Blast resistance rolling door a special door?

    Blast resistance  rolling doors belong to special doors. Special doors refer to doors with special functions, such as fire doors, Blast resistance doors, anti-wind doors, thermal insulation doors, soundproof doors, etc. All doors with special functions are considered special doors. Buy special doors and find Newhb.

    What is the difference between Blast resistance rolling door and explosion-proof rolling shutter door?

    When the explosion occurs inside or outside the building, the Blast resistance  rolling door can effectively withstand the shock wave generated by the explosion, ensure the safety of personnel's life and the integrity of the internal equipment of the industrial building, avoid the damage of the explosion shock wave and effectively prevent the continuation of the explosion hazard, and have fire prevention and impact resistance as an anti-explosion protective equipment.

    Explosion-proof rolling shutter door is on the basis of steel rolling shutter door, the explosion-proof treatment of the electronic control part, to ensure that the operation will not produce static electricity, spark, friction and other factors that cause explosion, generally used in dust explosion-proof, flammable and explosive gas, solid and other explosion-proof places.

    Where is the Blast resistance rolling door generally installed?

    Basically be to apply in petroleum chemical industry, the various rooms of the main workshop of industrial building, auxiliary workshop and the place that have explosion possibility, if shelter, substation, control room, explosive storehouse, workshop, laboratory, boiler room, flammable goods storehouse.

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