Vertical lifting fabric door

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Vertical lifting fabric  doors are generally installed in hangars, shipyards, large factories and other places, and support the customization of the size of the 30-meter super gate opening, and can resist 17 winds.

  • brand: Newhb
  • Product name: Vertical lifting fabric  door
  • Classification: Vertical lifting fabric  door
  • Door Curtain material: PVC
  • Use place: Hangars, docks, large factories
  • Product Detail


    Drive device Three-phase asynchronous motor Way to control Three buttons/fire linkage
    At the end of beam device Steel structure/aluminum alloy Safety device Wire rope breakage prevention device, double limit control, sound and light alarm
    Curtain material Two-sided 0.9mm PVC flame retardant Motor Power 3kw-60kw
    Wind loading Conventional level 10 Size Custom




    Technology to ensure

    Vertical lifting fabric door safety measures must be in the product design through various argumentation, these argumentation is widely listened to the user's opinions and suggestions. On the one hand, there are experienced engineering and technical personnel design, after theoretical calculation and three-dimensional simulation design, on the other hand, according to the previous production experience of Vertical lifting fabric door, by the combination of theory and practice to ensure the safety of flexible lifting gate; The design of the Vertical lifting fabric door refers to the national standards for lifting machinery, steel structure and electrical appliances. Calculate and check the strength, winding, internal force and stability of the steel structure to ensure the design reliability of the product; The selected raw materials, purchased parts, accessories, mechanical parts and electrical components are selected from domestic large manufacturers and brand products;

    Lifting mechanism

    The lifting mechanism is in self-locking state for a long time, and the motor is a lifting motor, and the connecting part of the motor and the reducer is equipped with a brake wheel coupling and a hydraulic push rod brake, so as to prevent the automatic fall caused by the dead weight of the gate. The selection of steel wire rope is more than 6 times the safety factor. The end of the drive shaft of the lifting rope wheel is equipped with a set of limit controller. Through the rotation calculation of a pair of gears, when the gate rises to the set height, the lifting mechanism stops running.

    Sensing, detection and acousto-optic alarm system

    The Vertical lifting fabric door is equipped with an acousto-optic alarm, which sends out sound and light signals during lifting operation, and the operator is forbidden to walk under the gate when lifting. Lower limiter: the sensor limiter is installed on the side of the pulley block. According to the tension and relaxation of the steel wire rope, the lifting mechanism will stop running immediately when the door is completely closed. Upper limiter: the bottom of the beam is equipped with a lever lever contact sensor limiter. When the gate is lifted near the top, the top quality horizontal frame touches the lever of the limiter, and the lifting mechanism stops running immediately.


    The two sides of the Vertical lifting fabric door are pasted with reflective film mark indicating height scale to ensure the correct visual measurement of the lifting height of the gate. At the same time, it can also act as a visible marker when transporting segments at night. The two sides of the vertical crutches are also pasted with the prohibition mark that people are not allowed to stand under the operation of the gate lifting.


    Are you a Vertical lifting fabric  door manufacturer?

    Our Newhb Rolling Door Co., Ltd. is the source manufacturer of rolling shutter doors. The company has more than 30 modern operating machines, including automatic door roll forming machines, laser cutting machines, bending forming machines, and shears. There are dozens of technical R&D teams, 31 utility model patents and invention patents. Welcome new and old customers to visit and guide us.

    How many typhoons can Newhb Vertical lifting fabric door resist? What is used against the wind?

    Newhb Vertical lifting fabric door can resist 10 level wind, if customers have special needs, can achieve 17 level wind resistance, Newhb Vertical lifting fabric  door support customization. The Vertical lifting fabric  door curtain of Newhb generally adopts double-sided 0.9MmpVC curtain, which has strong tensile and compression performance. The Vertical lifting fabric  door adopts internal and external double-layer curtain, and the spacing between the two layers of curtain is 1500mm. The wind-resistant framework is generally made of customized aluminum or cross steel structure, and the curtain and the framework are connected by aluminum alloy battens

    How much is the Newhb Vertical lifting fabric  door? How about the price?

    The Newhb Vertical lifting fabric  door is a customized product. Due to the different sizes and configurations of the specific door openings, it is necessary to quote according to the actual needs of the customers. Please contact our sales consultant to quickly obtain a quote and provide one-to-one exclusive services.

    Newhb Vertical lifting fabric  door can be explosion-proof?

    Newhb Vertical lifting fabric  door itself belongs to special industrial categories, we can carry out explosion-proof design on electrical and control parts, and provide certificates.

    How should the Vertical lifting fabric  door be maintained?

    Newhb Vertical lifting fabric  door is often installed in the special operation workshop, the overall use of modular design, such as the damage of the curtain and regulating wheel damage phenomenon, can be partial repair, without the need to replace the whole curtain or regulating wheel. Newhb manufacturers suggest customers to repair and maintain the Vertical lifting fabric  door once every three months, check whether the motor/wire rope is running normally, and add oil and lubricating oil. Newhb Vertical lifting fabric  door the whole door to provide one year free maintenance service.


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