Fixed flexible smoke barrier

Short Description:

The fixed flexible smoke barrier is a smoke exhaust facility fixed under the beam, which can effectively prevent the spread of smoke.

  • Brand: Newhb
  • Product name: Fixed flexible smoke barrier
  • characteristic: Fire and smoke
  • Applicable place: Hotels, warehouses, workshops and other smoke-proof areas
  • Product Detail


    Sag Height Specification Requirements ≥500mm
    Single Section Width  On Demand
    Track Material Color Coating Smoke Stopper Smoke-blocking Silicone Cloth (0.5mm, 0.8mm)
    Installation Method Assemble Accessories Upper rail, lower rail, lower rail connecting piece, buckle 
    Brand Newhb Size Custom


    Fixed smoke barrier


    Smoke blocking wall test report


    Are you a manufacturer of fixed flexible smoke blocking walls?

    We are Newhb Industry Co., Ltd., a regular smoke blocking wall manufacturer, main products: fixed rigid smoke blocking wall, movable flexible smoke blocking wall, fixed flexible smoke blocking wall, steel plate smoke blocking wall Vertical walls, etc., full specifications, multiple sizes. Our company has 18 qualification certificates for smoke-blocking vertical walls, rich experience in the production of smoke-blocking vertical walls, and long-term supply to peers and fire companies. Customers and friends are welcome to come to our company for on-the-spot inspection.

    What are the characteristics of Newhb fixed flexible smoke blocking wall?

    Newhb has been committed to scientific and technological research and development and technological innovation. The installation of Newhb fixed flexible smoke blocking wall is very simple. You only need to fix the upper rail and penetrate the smoke blocking cloth and lower rail. The installation is convenient and beautiful, for you Save installation costs, products are designed in strict accordance with fire protection regulations, and regular manufacturers package acceptance.

    How much is the Newhb fixed flexible smoke blocking wall?

    Because the specifications and dimensions of the fixed flexible smoke-blocking wall are customized, the customer needs to provide drawings, our technicians will calculate the length, and the smoke-blocking wall specialist will provide a professional quotation. If the customer has the installation size, it can also be sent directly to Quotation specialists, quickly provide you with quotations.

    How long will the production cycle of Newhb fixed flexible smoke-blocking wall take?

    We normally arrange orders within 3-5 working days, depending on the actual production situation.

    Is the high temperature resistance test of Newhb's fixed flexible smoke-blocking wall qualified?

    The test temperature of Newhb's fixed flexible smoke-blocking vertical wall was 620℃. During the 30min test, the smoke-blocking vertical wall did not collapse and did not lose its fire-resistant integrity.

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