Flexible quick stacking door

Short Description:

The flexible quick stacking door is suitable for the use of larger door openings and runs smoothly and quickly.

  • Brand: Newhb
  • Product name: Flexible quick stacking door
  • Wind resistance: Curtain structure every 500mm or so a wind resistance rib, can resist ten wind
  • Application Scenes: It is mostly used in space partition places such as warehouse logistics, machinery and equipment, automobile manufacturing, printing products, pedestrian passageway, etc.
  • Product Detail


    Drive device Servo motor Way to control Bluetooth, geomagnetic, remote control, radar, manual zipper, etc
    Door rail material 1.5 mm aluminium zinc plating Safety device Infrared safety eye pairs
    Curtain material PVC Size Custom
    Wind loading Ten steps Motor Power 0.55KW(1.75KW)




    Are you a manufacturer of flexible quick stacking doors?

    Our Newhb Rolling Door Co., Ltd. is the source manufacturer of rolling shutter doors. The company has more than 30 modern operating machines, including automatic door roll forming machines, laser cutting machines, bending forming machines, and shears. There are dozens of technical R&D teams, 31 utility model patents and invention patents. Welcome new and old customers to visit and guide us.

    What are the advantages of Newhb flexible quick packing door?

    1. Strong wind resistance: every 500mm or so of the curtain is set up with a wind resistance rib, which can resist the ten-level wind;

    2. Support large size customization: for larger size of the door, can support customization, suitable for small mechanical equipment transportation, goods and other places;

    3. Strong safety performance: strap lifting mode, 1.5 times the pull of ordinary strap, infrared sensing, the door body in the process of falling, when someone passes by, the door body automatically rebound, and then land after no one;

    4. Manufacturer direct selling: Xinhengbang manufacturers direct selling, eliminating middlemen to earn price difference;

    5. Good sealing: insect-proof, dustproof, high precision brush, good sealing;

    6. Good fit: Customized bottom air bag cloth bag, perfect fit all kinds of ground;

    How is the wind resistance performance of the Newhb flexible quick stacking door?

    Newhb flexible quick packing door uses built-in wind riblet, an average of 500mm wind riblet, compared with ordinary rolling shutter door, the wind resistance performance is stronger.

    Newhb flexible fast accumulation door how much a door or door frame?

    Newhb flexible fast packing door belongs to custom products, need according to the size and configuration of the door to calculate the price, quickly ask for a quotation, please contact our sales engineer.

    How long is the production cycle of the Newhb flexible fast packing door?

    Normal 25 working days, according to the production scheduling situation, if the project is urgent, we can cooperate to accelerate the scheduling.

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