Industrial lifting door

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The Industrial lifting door has good thermal insulation and sound insulation, and it is more convenient to use with the unloading platform.

  • Brand: Newhb
  • Product name: Industrial promotion door
  • Application Scenarios: It is suitable for high-grade residential areas, industrial plants, workshops and warehouses, and places with heat preservation and sound insulation requirements.
  • Product Detail


    Drive device Newhb Electric Curtain Door Motor Way to control Button / remote control / pull rope / geomagnetic / optoelectronic / radar / remote
    Surface material Embossed steel plate aluminum plate + composite polyester paint coating Safety device Anti - wire rope fracture, anti - clamping door plate, resistance rebound
    Door padding Fluorine-free polyurethane warm foaming material Features Heat preservation, sound insulation and sealing
    Resistance to wind pressure 450N/M2 Optional Daylighting window, access door



    Motor Parameters


    Project Case


    Blue Moon (Kunshan) Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Newhb industrial lifting door is selected for the unloading platform of the new factory building of blue moon. After installation, the factory will be more upscale and beautiful. When the industrial sliding door is installed, it will be as close to the inside of the wall as possible to save the internal space and at the same time, the thermal insulation effect is better.


    Suzhou Juli Elevator Co., Ltd.

    Newhb industrial lifting door is selected for the new Juli Elevator factory building to meet customers' super-large customized requirements. It is equipped with anti-torsion spring breaking device and anti-steel wire rope breaking device, which has good sealing and better temperature insulation effect.


    Compal Video Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Newhb industrial lift door is selected for the newly-built factory building, which has good thermal insulation performance, and lighting window is selected, which has good perspective and lighting degree, long service life, good anti-theft, and low requirement for installation space.


    Are you a manufacturer of industrial lifting doors?

    Our Newhb Rolling Door Co., Ltd. is the source manufacturer of rolling shutter doors. The company has more than 30 modern operating machines, including automatic door roll forming machines, laser cutting machines, bending forming machines, and shears. There are dozens of technical R&D teams, 31 utility model patents and invention patents. Welcome new and old customers to visit and guide us.

    What are the control methods of the Newhb industrial promotion door?

    The control mode of the Newhb industrial elevator door standard is the three control buttons on the control box to control the opening, stopping and closing of the door respectively. According to customer needs, in electric On the basis of the door can achieve a variety of control methods: button, pull rope, remote control, geomagnetic, photoelectric, radar, remote, can also achieve a variety of ways and use.

    What are the installation methods of the Newhb industrial door?

    The Newhb industrial sliding door installation principle is as close to the inside of the building as possible, so as to save a lot of internal space of the building. Because the structure of each building is different, the corresponding industrial lifting door has a variety of different installation methods. At present, the most commonly used are the following three ways, which can basically meet the needs of most buildings.

    Newhb industrial door configuration of safety devices?

    A. Anti-wire rope breaking device (standard configuration), which can ensure that the door wire rope will not fall when it is broken. To avoid accidents.

    B. Bottoms of the airbag resistance rebound module, the device is the standard configuration of the electric industrial lifting door, the device can be in the process of closing the door to monitor the whole process under the door to control whether there are obstacles (such as people or items, etc.), once encountered obstacles, the door will immediately reverse open under the action of the device. To avoid accidents.

    C. Anti-pinch door panel design. The door panel adopts unique anti-pinch hand design structure to ensure that fingers will not be accidentally injured even if someone touches them during operation.

    What services can Newhb Door Industry provide for us?

    Newhb Rolling Door Co.,Ltd for customers to provide door-to-door survey size, structural design, drawing deepening and other services, production, installation, after-sales and other one-stop service, the whole door to provide a year of free maintenance services.

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