PVC explosion proof rolling door

Short Description:

The PVC explosion proof rolling door meets the explosion-proof requirements of ExIICT4, and can meet the explosion-proof places such as gas explosion-proof, liquid explosion-proof, and dust-proof explosion-proof.

  • Brand: Newhb
  • Product name: PVC explosion proof rolling door
  • Explosion-proof grade: EXIICT4 (covers conditions of use applicable to IIB and IIA).
  • Application: Applicable to all other explosive gas environment except coal mine and underground. It can be optimized to achieve dust explosion proof.
  • Product Detail


    Drive device Three-phase asynchronous motor Explosion-proof grade CT4
    At the end of beam material Aluminum alloy Safety device Infrared
    Curtain material PVC knife scraping coating cloth 0.9mm Size Custom
    Door rail material 2.5mm aluminum alloy Explosion-proof motor power 0.75KW(1.5KW)





    Split box design

    Save installation space, three-dimensional appearance, easy maintenance.


    Small installation space

    Track and box occupies small space area to ensure passage size.


    High explosion-proof grade

    It can reach IIC explosion-proof grade, covering IIA and IIB application scenarios.


    High safety

    Transparent curtain can be selected to understand the traffic conditions in advance.


    Opening and closing fast

    Speed up to 0.8-1.5m/s, improve traffic efficiency.


    Low failure rate

    PLC servo motor control system, accurate, smooth operation.

    Project Case


    Changshu yonghe fine chemical Co., Ltd.

    According to customer needs, Newhb provides PVC explosion proof rolling door, explosion-proof motors, explosion-proof control boxes, explosion-proof wiring pipes and other explosion-proof electrical equipment to ensure no static electricity generation in operation.


    Huai 'an xiangyun xusheng chemical Co., Ltd.

    Newhb provides customers with door-to-door survey size, structural design, drawing deepening, confirmation of installation conditions, door-to-door installation, after-sales service and other one-stop intimate service, formal manufacturers, after-sales carefree.


    SAIC Volkswagen Automobile Co. Ltd.

    Newhb PVC explosion proof rolling door is widely used, refit natural gas workshop, chemical sites, dangerous chemical warehouse, fine chemical laboratory, warehouse with volatile drugs and other places.


    Are you a manufacturer of Explosion proof rolling door?

    Our Newhb Rolling Door Co., Ltd. is the source manufacturer of rolling shutter doors. The company has more than 30 modern operating machines, including automatic door roll forming machines, laser cutting machines, bending forming machines, and shears. There are dozens of technical R&D teams, 31 utility model patents and invention patents. Welcome new and old customers to visit and guide us.

    Where can PVC explosion proof rolling door be used?

    The Newhb PVC explosion proof rolling door is mostly used in places with certain environmental requirements and strict safety requirements for electrical control, such as factories and warehouses with high pyrophoric substances such as volatile chemicals, and explosive environments. Pharmaceuticals, high-precision aluminum alloy powder and other fine chemicals, Class A and Class B warehouses, including chemical laboratories, hazardous chemicals storage warehouses, volatile drug laboratories, etc.

    Is the PVC explosion proof rolling door a special door?

    PVC explosion proof rolling door belong to special doors. Special doors refer to doors with special functions, such as fire doors, explosion-proof doors, wind-resistant doors, thermal insulation doors, soundproof doors, etc. All doors with special functions are considered special doors. Buy special doors and find Newhb.

    What services can you provide us?

    Newhb Rolling Door Co.,Ltd provides you with on-site structural design, drawing deepening and other services, production, remote installation guidance, after-sales and other one-stop services, and the entire door provides one-year free maintenance service.

    How long is the production cycle of explosion-proof rolling shutter door?

    Our regular schedule is about 25 working days, and special circumstances can be expedited according to the progress of the project.

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