Anti-explosion rolling door and bullet-proof rolling door come out

Recently, Newhb Industry Co., Ltd. has successfully passed the test of the national public security department and TUV, and obtained the certificate of conformity issued by the Ministry of Public Security and TUV. Newhb Industry once again grabbed the spotlight with its strength.

It is understood that anti-explosion rolling shutter doors and bulletproof rolling shutter doors are not only rare in the domestic market, but also belong to a relatively blank field in the world, and the enterprises that can obtain the qualification certificate issued by the authoritative organization with “true anti-explosion and true bulletproof” are even more rare. It can be counted, and the reason is mainly due to the difficulty of research and development. As far as anti-explosive rolling shutter doors are concerned, during the test, the door body needs to withstand the explosion impact force with an instantaneous pressure of more than 450kpa. Therefore, during research and development, it is necessary to fully strengthen the overall strength of the door. The impact resistance of the track can form a real anti-explosion structure. The bulletproof rolling shutter door needs to enhance the point impact ability to ensure that the door body is not penetrated under the conditions of a 10-meter range and a bullet velocity of 820m/s. Therefore, the technical difficulty of this can be imagined. I learned from Newhb Industry R&D Department that this research and development took more than two years from the preliminary demonstration to the successful research and development, and repeated the demonstration until it was recognized.

Newhb Industry has been committed to the production and development of special rolling shutter doors. After 20 years of accumulation, Newhb Industry has cultivated a group of technical teams with solid foundation and strong strength. Don’t be afraid of hardships and move forward bravely.

“The successful research and development of anti-explosion rolling shutter doors and bulletproof rolling shutter doors is inseparable from the joint efforts of the company’s colleagues, but also inseparable from the support and trust of customers and friends. New product development is a continuous process that requires huge investment in manpower and material resources, because there is no Our peers can learn from them, so we can only keep studying the industry standards and keep trying. We also encountered setbacks during the research and development process, but we adjusted quickly, constantly summed up experience in failures, and continued to work hard until we succeeded. Looking back now, the previous All efforts are worthwhile. In the future, we will continue to be customer-oriented, carry out new product research and development, and provide customers with better rolling door products,” said the general manager of Newhb Industry excitedly.

Post time: Jul-06-2022