Newhb Door Industry and China Construction Algeria Co., Ltd. jointly build the Ainnaza logistics distribution center project

Recently, Newhb Door Industry Co., Ltd. (referred to as Newhb Door Industry) and China State Construction Algeria Company (hereinafter referred to as China Construction Algeria Company) formally signed the Ainnaza Logistics Distribution Center Project to provide them with European standard certification. , With fire resistance, heat insulation properties of steel fire shutter door products.

CSCEC Algeria was established in 1982 and is currently the largest construction contractor in the local market of Algeria. The company’s business covers 37 provinces in Afghanistan, involving 15 professional fields. “China Construction Brand” has become a typical representative of high-end projects in the construction market in Afghanistan. The Ain Naza Logistics and Distribution Center project is located in the Ain Naza area of ​​Algiers, covering an area of ​​about 6.17 hectares, with a contract value of 120 million US dollars; a multi-storey parking lot with nearly 2,700 parking spaces for various types of vehicles , medical goods storage/logistics area, vehicle maintenance workshop, administrative management center and other functional areas. After the project is completed, it will serve as an affiliated facility of Ain Naza General Hospital to serve the visitors and staff of the hospital. It is understood that due to the impact of the epidemic at home and abroad, the project negotiation lasted for one and a half years. Although many difficulties were encountered during the period, the contract was finally successfully signed under the active coordination and hard work of both parties. As a key project of Newhb Door Industry in 2022, this project plays a vital role in developing both the international market and the African market.

After years of industry accumulation, Newhb Door Industry has gradually formed a one-stop development model of “market-led”, “R&D as the core” and “service as the standard”, and actively strives to explore and adhere to the forefront of industry development.

The senior business manager of Newhb Door Industry said: “We have been following up with our customers for more than a year. Slowly, I learned that for overseas Chinese companies, the principle of their selection of products is to purchase products from China first, and then purchase products in China. No, it can be purchased in other countries, so we also enjoy the preferential policy. Of course, currently in China, only our company has the ability to develop and produce European standard steel fire shutter doors. In terms of the international market, we have the ability to develop this product. There are only a handful of capable companies. For international competition, we also have a natural exchange rate advantage. For customers, the same quality and lower price. Which one do you think customers will choose? Of course, the smooth signing of the contract is also far away. Without the joint efforts of both parties, we must actively cooperate, fulfill the contract, ensure quality, and live up to customer expectations.”

Post time: Jul-06-2022