Newhb launches free service of standard color for steel rolling shutter doors

Recently, Newhb has launched a free service of standard color for steel rolling shutters, and is a manufacturer of rolling shutters with temperature.

Against the background of rising steel prices in the second half of this year, Newhb launched a free service of standard colors for steel rolling shutters with Newhb characteristics in accordance with the market environment. The standard colors include: Athens White, Space Silver, Star Gray, Vigor Five kinds of orange and Mediterranean blue change the monotonous and cold image of traditional rolling shutter doors and add warm tones to rolling shutter doors. It is understood that when most customers choose steel rolling doors, they will consider the color that matches the corporate image, but the high cost discourages them. Newhb’s free standard color service provides customers with more choices. , Is also an important step in the market strategy of product differentiation. 

As a high-end manufacturer of special rolling shutters, Newhb has always maintained a keenness on the market, thinking about what customers think and solving their urgency, and has been widely praised by customers. 

“The rise in the price of domestic raw materials puts every company under great pressure to survive. Many companies are reducing expenditures. The introduction of standard color free services at Newhb is actually increasing expenditures and improving product cost-effectiveness. We believe that it is difficult. It is always temporary, but we have always insisted on taking the road with the characteristics of the Newhb brand. We hope that the color of the door can distinguish the products of Newhb. We also hope that when customers say this, they are With a proud expression, in the future we will show our characteristics in a variety of ways, please wait and see,” said the general manager of Newhb.

Post time: Dec-20-2021